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Day Book

Design and implementation of bookkeeping package in Excel to manage client sole trader accounts and VAT returns.

Client did not wish to purchase off the shelf financial software; I therefore developed a very simple easy to use bookkeeping package within Excel. Client wished to manage their own books and VAT returns within package, this was extended to produce P&L and Balance Sheet and Self Assessment Individual Tax Return. Client very positive with package, information reviewed quarterly to ensure correct VAT treatment of supplier invoices. Package now used by other  sole trader clients, whom I tutor in the use of Excel. Feedback has been very positive.

“Excellent, simple and easy to use. It is so straight forward that I was comfortable using the file immediately.”


Management Reporting

Management Accounts, Budget and Forecast Report

Client interviewed to ascertain their requirements of the report. One file that would allow the variance reporting of actual against budget and forecast on a monthly YTD and full year basis. Report also required to be compatible with rolling forecast techniques. Report designed in Excel. Input of month actual from SAGE download. Year end forecast generated from actual to date. One page report providing full P&L variance, supplementary graphics report provided for clarity of information. Both reports can easily be printed out or projected for presentation purposes. Forecast can now be facilitated in the clients own time frame. Client is now able to forecast P&L and cash flow, quickly, easily and in an understandable format.

“The best monthly management accounting report I have seen. Provides me with everything I need to see within my business, at a glance”

Purchase Orders / Provisions

Purchase Order Form, Stock recording and reporting, Provision report.

I interviewed client and users to ascertain the required outputs and inputs. Inputs: one page, drop down menus for suppliers, supplier goods, delivery and invoicing address. Output: purchase order that can be e-mailed, posted or faxed to supplier. PO’s can be monitored and items delivered, but not invoiced, can be provisioned. Stock system integrates with PO supplier goods database. A very tight schedule as client had taken over a unit from a competitor; all previous reporting systems were to be removed literally overnight. Working with users from another company background allowed me to use a different approach. The inputs were designed to mimic the previous system, thus gaining trust and familiarisation. The system is now in use in all the clients units.

 “Excellent process and seamless transition. System easier to use and maintain than previous processes. I now have control of my purchases and stock”



Time sheets recording, cost and budget analysis report and implementation

Interviewed client and users to ascertain the required outputs and ease of use. Report designed to record all staff time and integrates with staff budget. Outputs include information for working time directive, payroll report, variance analysis and staff hour’s analysis. Information is available to the user for productivity, overtime, holiday, and sickness. Presented to all users at one day briefing; followed up by one to one coaching in the workplace at various locations within the UK.

“I did not know there was so much in it! I can now manage staff time and costs easily; thank you”

The report outlined above can be used for all processes that require time or resource allocation e.g. You may be bringing a new product to the market or just wish to know what resources are being used to produce, distribute and or manufacture your product. In the hotel sector the report will be able to assist you with room efficiency. At a glance you would be able to see which rooms are occupied during the month, but more importantly which ones are not, it could even forecast your income!