Time sheets recording, cost and budget analysis report and implementation

Interviewed client and users to ascertain the required outputs and ease of use. Report designed to record all staff time and integrates with staff budget. Outputs include information for working time directive, payroll report, variance analysis and staff hour’s analysis. Information is available to the user for productivity, overtime, holiday, and sickness. Presented to all users at one day briefing; followed up by one to one coaching in the workplace at various locations within the UK.

“I did not know there was so much in it! I can now manage staff time and costs easily; thank you”

The report outlined above can be used for all processes that require time or resource allocation e.g. You may be bringing a new product to the market or just wish to know what resources are being used to produce, distribute and or manufacture your product. In the hotel sector the report will be able to assist you with room efficiency. At a glance you would be able to see which rooms are occupied during the month, but more importantly which ones are not, it could even forecast your income!