Purchase Orders / Provisions

Purchase Order Form, Stock recording and reporting, Provision report.

I interviewed client and users to ascertain the required outputs and inputs. Inputs: one page, drop down menus for suppliers, supplier goods, delivery and invoicing address. Output: purchase order that can be e-mailed, posted or faxed to supplier. PO’s can be monitored and items delivered, but not invoiced, can be provisioned. Stock system integrates with PO supplier goods database. A very tight schedule as client had taken over a unit from a competitor; all previous reporting systems were to be removed literally overnight. Working with users from another company background allowed me to use a different approach. The inputs were designed to mimic the previous system, thus gaining trust and familiarisation. The system is now in use in all the clients units.

 “Excellent process and seamless transition. System easier to use and maintain than previous processes. I now have control of my purchases and stock”